About Evan

I enjoy writing large scale, fantasy/adventure style stories. I also particularly enjoy the classics and want to be able to create a new style story that still stays true to the classic fantasy style, if possible.

However, experimenting with other genres is a must for me since I want to be an author that can write in all styles, not just fantasy. My stories usually tend to delve into darkness and will explore the parts of the character’s psyche that are usually left untouched. I’d like to be able to create a likable darker kind of character that will be relatable yet, not as naive as typical fantasy story protagonists. They’d have to be able to make tough choices, choices that not everyone would agree with but they’d follow their own moral compass and do what they believe is right.

I’m currently working on a classical style fantasy novel that I hope to publish and make into a series. If you enjoy reading epic fantasy adventures then please give my stories a read.

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