A Writer’s Review on- Jurassic World

The many existing reviews of Jurassic World that I’ve seen all mention some of the same things I noticed, a derivative plot, weak characters, even weaker character development and, of course, the rampant product placement. The list goes on but I’m not going to cover what’s already been done. I’m here to provide a writer’s take on the new movie. I’m going to detail things no one has mentioned yet: the faults and positives of the logic in the story, the world development and characters. There are spoilers ahead, so be warned.

To start off, I thought it was strange that this new park, Jurassic World even got funding in the first place. Considering the fact that they had not one, not two, but three disastrous encounters with the dinosaurs that were cloned in the first attempt at making a theme park, you’d think it’d be hard to find funding, sponsorship, etc. Instead, they seemed to have no problem with finding funding and, for some strange reason, they decided to build another dinosaur theme park on the same island where the first attempt failed. Now buckle up because that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

After their previous experiences with dinosaurs, you’d think they’d put some better security on the island, maybe a lot of armed guards and weaponry in the event of another escape. Nope. Instead, they used a single helicopter with a single gun. Everyone else was armed with net launchers and stun batons. It’s not like the dinosaurs were irreplaceable. They could literally just make another one if one died so being so determined to capture the things unharmed was unfathomable. And, when the shit hit the fan, the stun batons and nets obviously didn’t do much. Some actual guns would’ve solved the problem much easier, but there goes the movie. If you have to make the plot convoluted and forced in order for something to work, then you haven’t got a good story, you’ve got a desperate attempt to make a few bucks.

The characters in that world make horribly bad decisions which lead to all of the dinosaurs escaping and trying to eat people. The entire franchise hinges upon it so I can’t complain about it too much. The biggest fault in logic lies with the aviary.

After the Indominus Rex breaks into the aviary, Pterodactyls stream out of the holes created both by it and a crashed helicopter and immediately begin attacking people. If all of the flying dinosaurs in the aviary were vicious man eating dinosaurs, why would anyone go in there in the first place? The entire point of an aviary is to have people go into an enclosed environment to see the birds or flying animals in a semi-natural environment. If the dinosaurs’ first instinct when freed is to fly around attacking and trying to eat people then they would’ve done the same when in the aviary. That seems like a giant logic mistake in the story.

Jurassic World was a money grabbing, derivative and horribly written story. I could continue talking about the mistakes and sheer idiocy of the story for hours but I don’t have that kind of time. It was exciting and action packed, as most hollywood movies are, but it’s not going to be winning any awards. It was a Jurassic Park/World movie. Dinosaurs get out, try to eat our heroes, and they barely escape with their lives. You get what you paid for. If you want a well thought out story with interesting characters filled with intrigue then you should see something else but if you want dinosaurs trying to eat people, by all means, check out Jurassic World.

From a writer’s perspective the characters need work, the plot needs work and, most importantly in my opinion, the logic needs work. One of the most important things as a writer is to follow your world’s rules. I have no problem with fantasy dragons flying around or alien invasions or cloning dinosaurs for a theme park but, if you do that, you need to follow the rules you set in the world you set your story in. If you set your story in a fantasy realm full of dragons, you can’t have the main character going for a Starbucks. Likewise, in Jurassic World, if your story is supposed to be based on the modern day, you need to think about how modern day humans would do things. If a disaster happens at a theme park, causing many people to die, it would not be easy for it to reopen. Likewise, no-one would want an uncontrollable Raptor armor in favor of technology and finally, don’t make an aviary full of man eating dinosaurs.

2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Review on- Jurassic World

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  1. My take on the movie was “ooh! Dinosaurs fighting each other! Woo!”

    But you’re right. This is not a good movie to watch to learn how to write a story.


    1. I actually enjoyed the movie far more than I thought I would. It has plot holes and it’s definitely not as good as the original (now that’s a borderline flawless movie) but it was a decent film- much better than I’d actually expected it to be. I thought some of the twists were quite clever.


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