Visual Imagery

Partly for fun and partly as an exercise, I decided to do two short descriptions and share them with you. I hope that I conveyed the moods and imagery I intended to convey and, more importantly, that you enjoy reading these very short pieces:

“There it stood, the old sad ship, long forgotten and abandoned, surrendered onto the ocean waves. It was split into two halves of ravaged grey and between these there gaped a chasm like an earth-splitting canyon. Grey-green waters churned in this divide, swirling and splashing with white foam.”

“The iceberg towered above the azure ocean, bobbing slightly on the waves. It seemed so much more than frozen water, more solid and more real. It was like pure white diamond tossed into the sea or a cold and craggy mountain of crystal above plains of rippling blue. At the sight of it, every jaw dropped and every heart stood still. It was both magnificent and terrible.”

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