Poem- Rage

This poem was inspired vaguely by The Odyssey, which I really like, although the title comes instead from the first word of The Iliad. I was trying to create something very visceral as well as drawing on aspects of Homer’s epic.


Rage! Against the mighty waves

That keep a sailor far from home

Soldier and mariner both

Cursed by powers far above

To wander through the wine-dark waves

Rage! Against the perilous storm

That dashes ship on rocks

Breaking wood hull on sharp stone

With hurling wind and shrieking lightning

With swirling waters and dark clouds

Rage! Against the fates above

That hold him back like chains

That keep him from wife and son

That conspire against him at all terms

Fighting against his mighty will

Rage! Against time

That speed so steadily

Days passing, then years

All he loves grows old

As he speeds home


Against wave

Against storm

Against fate

Against time

For all the good it will do him.

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