Mondays Finish the Story- Geoffrey’s Reflection on Humanity

This time, I’m actually posting my response on a Monday. Here’s a link to the challenge. If you like participating in things, you can participate in that.

And this time, there’s a picture of a cat.

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

He thought he found the perfect hiding spot. It concealed him from view completely.

Well, almost completely. And humans were too stupid to notice the bits that weren’t hidden. They were, after all, very stupid animals.

Humans were big, so Geoffrey would have expected them to have big brains. Instead, it seemed as if their heads were full of crumpled paper.

Geoffrey had tried, over and over again, to teach his human basic survival skills. Geoffrey had brought him rats, birds, and toads, all to teach him to hunt. The human had just thrown them out. He hadn’t even nibbled them.

As if that wasn’t absurd enough, the human hadn’t learned how to talk right either. He just made big, booming noises, like he was always shouting.

So Geoffrey felt quite certain that he was safe where he was. If the human couldn’t even talk or hunt, what were the chances he’d notice a couple paws sticking out?

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