Mondays Finish the Story- The Lost Civilization

It’s Monday and that means a brand new Mondays Finish the Story. This week I was kindly given the opportunity to pick the theme: ruins. Check out the original prompt here to see other great stories or to make your own attempt. It’s a great chance to challenge your writing skills. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to be a writer.

Ruins – © 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Word Count: 146

Where did they go?”

This was the question that haunted him, the question that filled his every thought as he continued his examination of the ancient city. Once, this place had been mighty- a centre of learning and trade. It had been the beating heart of a great empire. All roads had led to this place, placing it dead in the middle of a complex network of transportation.

Now it was empty- abandoned. Nothing but ruins. There hadn’t been any people here for centuries.

So where did they go? Were they slain by war? By plague? Did they all just leave?

The more he searched, the less he felt he knew. It was as if an entire people- an entire civilization- had vanished without a trace.

At last, after weeks of searching, he had to concede defeat.

I suppose, G’resh thought, we might never know what happened to the humans. 

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