FFfAW- The View to the East

This is a flash fiction written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers weekly challenge. You can find the original prompt here.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sonya with the blog, Only 100 Words. Thank you Sonya!

Word Count: 134

The walls of Siegund’s castle loomed high over the surrounding moors. He appreciated their view. Each morning he would pace along them, looking out over the lands he was sworn to protect.

Today, as Siegund looked out, he saw something unusual. There was smoke rising in the east, curling up into the sky. Black shadows fell across the green land.

A fire? he thought. I must ride out at once!

Then he heard a noise like a thundering heartbeat. It was the beating of two mighty wings.

Siegund looked up as a giant maw of a mouth opened, revealing teeth like ivory daggers. With a flash of emerald scales, the wyvern pounced.

The beast perched upon the castle wall for a moment, then knocked it over with a single lash of its serpentine tail.

20 thoughts on “FFfAW- The View to the East

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  1. very interesting. so maybe Siegund is dead but his son/ daughter survives the attack and swear to revenge and kill the dragon what do you think you should finish it it will be great. thank you

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  2. Now that was one very unfriendly wyvern (not that they’re particularly known for their friendliness. lol). I liked the idea of the great sweep of the tail doing so much damage… an excellent way of describing the creature’s great strength. The destruction of the castle wall also tied in very nicely with the ruined castle in the prompt.

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