Staring into infinity

Posted: August 12, 2015 by Jaden C. Kilmer in Flash Fiction
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I was inspired by a prompt I saw on reddit here to write about what it’s like “staring into infinity” and I liked my response well enough to repost. Anyone else like to take up the challenge?

My answer:

pillars of creation

Here is the world. And here is the next. Here is the universe. And here is the other. Swirling, glowing spheres of light. Numbers and equations. Constants and variables. On the left, history. On the right, the future. Cable cars and trolleys morph into spaceships. A rickshaw an India now walks across the spiral arm of Andromeda.

There is music. The most beautiful song ever sung. A song played by the stars and the galaxies, all for an audience that cannot hear. How sad. How very very sad. But I can hear it. The song can finally end, for it can finally begin. The song of infinity.

I see life. A prokaryote pulsating with the ineffable vibrance that is life. I see the great creatures of bygone eras. I see their conquerors. I see their conquerors. The show goes on in every direction. Forwards, backwards, upwards and sideways.

I see darkness. I see the end. The stars recede and black holes digest all of matter until there is nothing left to consume. I see them die out, the light of the final star is extinguished, and I see the last proton decay. More numbers. A 10 and a 33. More darkness. More numbers. A zero.

  1. Completely different style than yours, you can see my writing
    I started on a serious note, than drifted more into the image itself for inspiration.


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