FFfAW- Balloons

This week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers was a little harder to think of than usual, but I like a challenge. I ended up using younger versions of two characters I’d come up with for a novel as they seemed to be a good fit. You can find the original prompt here.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com

Word Count: 150

Adam had always liked balloons.

He liked the way they moved, the way the sunlight glinted on the foil ones, the way they strained against their strings, like dogs on leashes. They longed to be free.

For a while, he just stood there, watching them. The crowds moved around him, pushing this way and that, like the ocean tide. He’d never liked crowds much.

He looked back at the balloons.

No crowds for you, he thought, not up in the sky. Nothing holding you down. Just freedom. 

He saw Kat pushing her way through the crowd, calling his name. He waved to her and smiled. She rushed over to him, giving him a look halfway between annoyance and relief.

“Don’t do that again,” she commanded. “I’m supposed to be looking after you.”

Adam promised and took her hand, but as they walked away, he kept his eye on the balloons.

10 thoughts on “FFfAW- Balloons

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  1. Great story! For awhile there I thought he was going to try and “lift off” with some of the balloons. 🙂 I enjoyed your story and I’m so glad you decided to write a story for the prompt. I loved the story and thank you for your participation.

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  2. I think Adam has a heart of gold! He felt it would be better to be free….even for balloons. I was sure he would make it happen, but it’s a good thing Kat got to him in time. Enjoyable story! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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