Poem- Black Tower

This is a poem I wrote using some fantasy imagery. There’s a bit of a story to it, but it’s more of a scene.

Black Tower

Black stone tower stands over desolate wasteland

Surrounded by death- lifeless rocks, leafless trees, fields of dirt

Once there were great fields of dandelions,

Vineyards of fertile vines, bearing grapes the size of apples,

Forests full of arching branches and bright green leaves

Running brooks, crystal clear

Long grasses and shade-granting trees

Now- nothing but death and desolation

The black tower stands

And within the arched hall

There sits a man upon on a broken throne

His fingers grasp it like an infant grasping its mother

Robes of power drape greying bones

Lifeless eyes sit beneath golden crown

Once there was life here, but no more

No more

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