Of Dark Arts

Growing up, I was always shadowed behind the greatness of my family. My mother was known for her cruelty, her mercilessness, and her dark beauty. My father was known to be sadistic, furious, and his unyielding power. My sister was known for her dark sultry power, her nefarious and wicked ways, and her ability to manipulate anyone. My younger brother was known for his bloodlust, his dark intellect, and his cold-heartedness.

I, on the other hand, was known for my gentle nature, my passive and shy personality, and my soft-heart. I was the shame of my family.  The Watanabe clan was known for their long lineage of dark witches and warlocks, but somehow I was skipped the darkness that dwelled in all our hearts.  While my mother can laugh at flaying humans, my stomach stirred at the thought. While my sister can easily hypnotized people into leaving and murdering families, I went teary-eyed while watching Lion King. While my father could keep his humans tortured and in our basements for weeks, I hid hurt animals in my room. While my brother could curse a whole town in one hour, I can nurture a garden with the flick of my wrist.

My parents, while cruel and wished to have the human race bow at their feet, were very loving to their children and family. We believed that family was all we had and the root of our strength. To turn back on family was to turn back on our lineage.

“Pricilla.” My mother cooed. I turned my dark eyes to my mother. She was beautiful, with dark bronze skin, a long thin nose, and wide mouth. Her eyebrows where dark and thinly arched; it framed her dark, molasses eyes perfectly. “What do you have planned for your new school?

“Ah,” I stammered nervously and raked my mind for something. “I’m going to let loose the lab rats?” I offered weakly and my mother frowned.

“Oh my sweet girl.” She pet my head with a cold hand. “Think a little harder.”

“I’m going to make the principal fuck a student.” My sister, Dyaus, puckered her lips and applied dark burgundy lipstick on her full lips. Dyaus was the beauty of our family. She had thick, long, dark hair. Her skin tone matched our mother’s, but she had green eyes like my father, his full lips, and high cheek bones. She was tall, leggy, with a large bust and thin waist and narrow hips. Dyaus used her looks to her advantage, slept around and wore her promiscuity as a badge of her power. She had a penchant for hypnotism and was able to make anyone do her bidding.

“Ruining someone’s life?” My father perked at the idea. “What else?”

“Maybe I’ll have him kidnap her and kill her. Maybe make him send her in pieces to her family.” Dyaus cackled and I winced at her harsh laughter.

“That sounds lovely.” My mother smiled fondly. “How about you, Hadrian?” My younger brother of seven looked up from his book. Hadrian was the smartest of our family. His skin was much paler than ours, matching our father’s pale skin, but his coloring was all my mothers with dark hair and dark eyes. His mouth was small, full, and high cheekbones.

“I’ll just start a fire at the hospital.” He said dully as he flipped through his book of ancient torture devices. “It’s my go to in new environments.”

“That’s my boy.” Father patted his head and Hadrian scowled at him.

“I’m going to kidnap the mayor’s child. Do you fancy a servant for a while?” Father was a large man, pale in skin color with rippling muscles. He had light green eyes, a full mouth with high cheek bones and dark hair.

“I love when you bring home toys.” Mother cozied up to my father. They whispered to one another and my mother giggled girlishly when he kissed her neck.  I sighed and fiddled with my dark hair anxiously. It wasn’t that I didn’t try to be cruel like my family, but it was difficult for me. I wished to be the dark witch like my mother was known for. The Watanabe clan was feared for. Her family went far back and I just wanted to uphold the family’s arts just like every Watanabe was before me.

“I’m going to go and see the town.” My sister slipped on a pair of clunky wedges.

“I’ll come!” I stammered and immediately glued myself to her side.

“Teach your sister something won’t you?” Father suggested to my older sister and Dyaus rolled her pretty eyes at him.

“Let’s hope it sticks.” I bowed my head embarrassed as I followed my sister out of the house. Her fingers grazed the blooming rose bush near our front door and the flowers wilted from her touch, the leaves blackened as the petals shriveled beneath her fingers. I frowned as I followed her out and brushed my own fingers against the dead flowers and watched as they flourished with life.  It was a working project, my cruelty that is.

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