The Dark and Winding Road

Happy 1st of Halloween to all our followers… and yes, Halloween is a month long event, spilling over to November 1st and 2nd to include Dia de los Muertos. In honor of my favorite month and holiday, I am going to only make posts that are dark and creepy and Halloween-y (as if 6 out of my 10 posts haven’t been dark and creepy). So no more romance for a long while, at least not from me. This here is a little writing exercise I made myself do. I just free flowed, and didn’t think or edit much.


She runs, but can never run fast enough. Her eyes scan all around her, but she cannot see through the darkness. Her chest heaves as she breathes, but she is constantly out of breath. And he is always behind her. He is around every corner, ducking next to every bush, standing just inside of every shadow. And unlike her, he can run fast enough, he can see in the dark, and he doesn’t need to breath. His flesh is dead, polished like white marble. His eyes are cold, forged of diamonds that shine with their own light. The path in front of her is endless. The cold scratches at her face and the trees snag her by the hair. The dirt clamps onto her feet, and the darkness wraps her in its crushing embrace. Still she runs with her frail legs and empty lungs. Her screams are silent. The sun is gone. There is nothingness in front of her, and oblivion behind her. Her heart isn’t strong enough to hold her, but has the might to burst from her chest. She is sprinting down a black road leading to nowhere, and always his breath crawls down her neck. Her nightmare. The only one that can take her from this place, but she doesn’t want to go. She is too afraid. She is petrified, though her legs keep moving, burning, moving. There is no end to her struggle. No end to the road, slick with rain and tears, reflecting the glow of streetlights that are non-existent. And yet, she knows this place. She knows it as home. This winding road that goes on and on with a treeline on both sides gating off the paths that don’t exist. The asphalt disappears with each of her steps. The Earth and the sky collide at the horizon behind her and erase themselves.  He will catch her. She knows this. He will catch her, and she will wake. But she is too afraid to leave the darkness. At least nothingness is not the unknown. At least he is not the unknown. He is everything. He is her mind, hidden in her eyes, and the reason her heart still runs. Forever, she will run. But he will catch her.

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