FFfAW- The Meaning of Red

Here’s my entry to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers!

Picture credit to pixabay.com

Word Count: 150

It’s funny, Jane thought as she slumped across the small table, how many kinds of red there are.

There was the red of her dress: shining, bright. It was cheerful and elegant, but there was still that slight hint of danger.

There was the red of the room: the deep crimson. It was darker, subtler, more refined, but there was still the primal nature beneath it.

Then there was the red of her lipstick: seductive, entrancing. That was the purest red, she decided. It was primitive and pure, speaking of blood and love.

The light flickered. It was a pure white, like snow and new beginnings.

New beginnings. The words echoed in her mind. Do I get one of those?

She could feel the poison sweeping through her. Everything apart from her mind was numb now.

Red. She would have smiled if she could. Red for danger. Red for death. 

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    1. Thank you! I left it ambiguous as to exactly why and how she was poisoned, so it’s possible that it wasn’t suicide. I had a few ideas about it (suicide was one and murder was another) but ultimately I decided to leave it up to the reader.

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