Poem- Reflected in Dark/Mirrored in Light

Posted: November 9, 2015 by J.A. Prentice in Poem
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“Give in”

The dark whispers

“Give in to us. It will be easier.”

“You know you cannot stand against us.”

It whips up around you, a furious tornado of shadows

Midnight hurricane, it tears at you with clutching, creeping tendrils

Sucker cups latch on, dark without speaking to dark within, a grim communication

“Stand firm.”

The light tells you

“Stand firm. You can resist it.”

“You have a great strength that the dark does not.”

“The dark is alone. It is of the night and it fades as the sun rises.”

The sun breaks over the hills, rose fingers creeping forwards, spreading over all

The dark perishes in a moment, shrinking, dying at the slightest of touches from the light

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