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I was stunned to hear that Barbara Beacham, the host of Mondays Finish the Story, had passed away. I always loved contributing to her challenges and even though I didn’t know her beyond that, her loss still stings. It’s insane to think that the person who devoted her time to making those wonderful challenges is no longer with us. Since Priceless Joy set up a Special Challenge in her memory, I thought I would do my best to contribute. Images are from


The gulls circled the lighthouse, cawing into the wind. Their voices carried over the rocks and the crashing surf, over the churning of sapphire seas. The wind’s whistle was low and mournful, like the music of a flute.

The light in the lighthouse was gone for the first time in many years. The fire burnt no more. When it had burnt, it had burnt clear and strong, shining out as a beacon in the deadly waters. It had shone until its last days, carefully tended to by its keeper.

But now the keeper was gone and the lighthouse was just a lighthouse. There seemed to be nothing keeping ships from crashing on the shore.

Yet no ship ever did. When they got close, the light would seem to shine, warning them away. Once or twice, the crew said they saw eyes– wise and thoughtful– watching over the waves.

The keeper never left, not really. Her memory hung over those waters and her flame blazed brighter than ever, bright as a star in the sky.



I know that this story is inadequate– that all words seem inadequate – but I wanted to offer something in memory of the woman who put out all those amazing challenges that really tested me as a writer. Thank you, Barbara, for all your work. You will be missed.

  1. This is a wonderful story J.A. and I truly believe Barbara would be pleased. Thank you for participating and for your tribute to Barbara.

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  2. Fun Simplicity says:

    A beautiful tribute ❤️

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  3. EagleAye says:

    I think your words were fantastic. This is wonderful way to see Barbara off to her new home. Great story!

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  4. I think you captured the very essence of Barbara always being among us, so very well done…

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  5. Beautiful tribute and I don’t think it’s inadequate in anyway.

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  6. A beautiful story and tribute. Brought tears to my eyes. Well done!

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  7. Jenn says:

    Nicely done. I was very sad to hear about Barbara as well. She was a regular part of our lives, even though we didn’t know her personally.

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