The Ocean and I

The sound of an engine echoed through the water and slowly disappeared as a boat sailed away. Fish swam past my face in vibrantly colored schools as I decended, surrounded by bubbles.The water wasn’t cold, but warm and pleasant. I could feel the tides brush my hair over my face in a gentle ebb and flow so that my hair matched some of the sea anemones in the nearby coral reef. It was a beautiful day, perfect for snorkeling. 

It’s too bad that I wasn’t snorkeling. I looked down at the concrete block chained to my legs as the last of my air left my lungs. Despite my struggles, the chains had sat firmly in place. After a few moments of panic and pain, it all began to disappear and I felt a serene calmness. My consciousness was fading and I was melding into the ocean. It was a beautiful day.

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