Reader’s Choice Story

Hello people of the internet! I thought I would do something fun. I’ve written the beginning of a story here. It doesn’t end, it merely stops mid-way through. I thought I would write this with the assistance of anyone who wants to participate.

If you have ideas on where you want the story to go, comment on my story! If you like what someone else has commented, like that comment. I will choose the highest liked comment and use that to continue on the story. Or, if there is a tie, I’ll choose my favorite. I will try, as best I can, to write the next part of the story every week.

This is a reader’s choice story! The direction the story goes is up to you.

A fireball exploded above her, sending pieces of brick masonry flying in clouds of dust and melting part of the fire escape as Kayla vaulted over the overturned dumpster and out of the cramped alleyway. Her once pine-needle-green sweater was now singed, torn, and covered in ash and blood. Kayla’s eyes stung as she wiped some blood and tears out of them, madly dashing down the street.

What’s going on? What is that thing!?

At that moment, an off-white monster burst out of the alleyway on four, sprawling legs, looking like a massive spider, though a spider with human hands on the end of its legs. It crashed through the dumpster she had leapt over and sent it spinning into the air and into the street, crushing a car parked on the sidewalk and tumbling into the street, causing several cars to crash into each other trying to avoid it.

She had just been on her way home from the mall, a battlefield of holiday cheer, carrying large bags of hard won holiday gifts. She stood waiting amongst a large group of holiday shoppers at the bus stop, absentmindedly twirling her colorful, green, dyed hair with her fingers, when screams began echoing from behind her from the large, three story, parking tower. Three loud bangs, the tinkling sound of shattering class and several gun shots resounded and, following that, a stream of people flowed out of the garage in a stream of humanity.Kayla hadn’t seen what was causing all of the problem at first, she merely stood dumbly at the bus stop, unsure of whether to run or not. Then, she saw something that got her running. Out of the parking garage came a hulking white monstrosity, holding the bloody body of a man in a suit, limp, in it’s maws. Kayla would like to say that that was the worst part of the experience, but then the monster locked eyes with her. They were alien and showed a crude intelligence, jet black save for pupils of bright, glowing, red. Even as far away as she was, she could still see its eyes narrow, red pupils locked on her. The body it held in its jaws no longer seemed to interest it and it bounded towards her awkward in a low to the ground, ambling, sprint.

Somehow, she knew it was coming for her. She dropped her bags and ran, heading towards the bridge that led from the mall and into the city. There was no deep thought for this at first, she just knew she had to get as far away from that thing as possible. She had just followed a man onto the bridge when she felt a sudden heat behind her, a rush of air, and then her feet were knocked out from under her by a sudden explosion. She lay, dazed, on the ground while a dull pain spread out from her shoulder and her head throbbed as if someone where repeatedly pounding on it like a drum. She became aware of a sudden silence. Sitting up, she looked around and saw that most everyone who was near her where in charred black pieces. Those who weren’t were in varying degrees of health. Some looked to be like her, slightly burnt and shell shocked. Then, a loud undulating screech broke the silence. The monster had let out a hunting call, and fire danced in it’s mouth, making it seem like a gate to hell. The screaming resumed as if someone had unmuted a T.V and Kayla dragged her self up and through her self forward, putting one foot in front of the other. She had one thought.

I have to get to the city.

Maybe she could lose it in the chaos downtown.

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  1. Why did the beast pick out Kayla in the crowd? Was it because she wasn’t running…or because she was carrying something that drew its attention to her? Perhaps something she had bought, something that protected her from the explosion?

    It’ll be interesting to find out! (Oh, and sorry for the delay in commenting. I’ve had this tab open in my browser for weeks, promising myself I’ll get around to it soon…. )


    1. Not a problem, I’m glad you commented anyways. That is the question, isn’t it? Why was it attracted to her? Thanks for your suggestions, you should find out why soon!


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