Poem– Technicolor Ocean (A revisitation)


Technicolor Ocean

Glass-winged butterfly

Flutters from white tulip to golden buttercup

Red roses beckon

Crimson beauty disguising dagger-sharp thorns

A sea of flowers surges out

Over caramel earth and verdant grass

The butterfly glides over them

A sailor alone in that floral ocean

Giving himself to the rise and fall of wine-dark tides

His white cap lost to the sightless depths

Sinking through the midnight waters

To rest on sandy ocean floor

Like a bleached skull in a barren, beige desert

Amidst dunes that rise and fall without sign of life

Grains of sand calling out for the slightest drop of water

Dreaming of green plants and flowing sapphire streams

Where tulips and roses and buttercups bloom

Waiting for a glass-winged butterfly

As you might, or might not, know a while a go I wrote and posted a poem called Technicolor Ocean. Usually, once something’s posted, I consider it done. In this case, however, I realized that there was a little more I could do with it. This is a revision and expansion. Let me know how you think it compares to the original.

7 thoughts on “Poem– Technicolor Ocean (A revisitation)

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  1. I love this! It sounds more complete. The other one actually leaves me hanging (maybe it was intentional…like leave it to readers’ imagination to complete the story 🙂 ) Great piece! 😉

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