Posted: December 21, 2015 by Jaden C. Kilmer in Revenant
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Well, Vampire Week is nering its close, and it probably wasn’t the best idea to do this during Finals Week. (An even more soul-sucking week.) Hectic schedules mean planned articles about Kristen Stewart’s underrated ability as an actress and comparing vampires across time periods go in the “unfinished” pile. With two days left, it’s probably better you guys get a glimpse at the thing we’re actually doing this whole week for.

Here’s a teaser from my YA novella, REVENANT, available on amazon and kindle now.

revenant final

How to Burn Away Completely:

I really don’t want to think about the showdown looming large ahead of me. I try to calm myself, but I fail to find any soothing thoughts in the cascade of danger.

By chance, while idly scanning my room, my eyes fall upon a book on the floor. I get out of bed and shine my phone’s light on it. It’s Alice in Wonderland.

It was my favorite book as a kid. My dad would read it to me chapter by chapter each night before I fell asleep. And when we finished, we’d start over again. We even had a little routine before we read. Something like:

“What do you think, Scout? Shall we start at the beginning this time?”

“Start at the beginning. And when we reach the end, stop.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea to me.”

I turn on my bedroom light and curl up in bed with the book. It’s been years since I last had it read to me, and I suddenly miss those nights with my father. I read it myself, whispering the words. It’s a lot weirder than I remember. I guess that’s one of the perks about being a child. Nothing’s weird and everything’s wonderful. Also, as my father said, much better to be weird than boring.

I find my calm thoughts within the pages of the book. For a while, I’m a kid again. I’m too young to care about the world and not too old to be bored by it. I’d give anything to be like that for real again. The thought crosses my mind that if I was a vampire, I wouldn’t have to age anymore. I think about asking Dodger to turn me for perhaps a split second, and then I remember how she described it as a curse, and the desire burns away completely like a candle in the night.

Like what you see? REVENANT is available as an e-book on amazon for $1.50, and the download is free for Kindle Unlimited users!

Here’s a link to it in the US Amazon store!



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