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And so we have come to the end of Vampire Week. There only three days til Christmas, (seriously? Only three already?) and most of the stories you’ll read set round Christmas are cheery, light, feel-good things. My novella isn’t one of them. Revenant is, well… a new fangled kind of Christmas story.

Here’s one last excerpt from my novella. And yes, that whole first paragraph was just a set up for the pun.

revenant final


Several minutes pass by. As Morissey starts to sarcastically mourn his girlfriend in a coma, a tall, gruff man in a leather jacket tries to get my attention.

“Sorry, what?” I ask, flicking out an earbud.

“You got a smoke?” He asks. I notice his fingertips and the whites of his eyes are a pale yellow color.

“No, sorry,” I say.

“You sure?” He smiles. I see two rows of yellow half-moons behind his lips.

“I’m sure.”

“That’s all right.”

I put the earbud back in and try to blot him out with the sounds of the next song on the album, but it’s not long before he’s trying to talk to me again.

“You takin’ the bus?”

“That’s why I’m sitting at a bus stop…”

“Oh, well yeah, I just meant, ya know, you’re pretty young for takin’ the bus solo.”

“I’m pretty good about handling myself.”

“You sure? You know, I got a car. Why don’t I drive ya home? That way you can stay dry, ya see what I’m sayin’?”

Yeah, red flags everywhere now. I stand up and grab my bag, trying to hide the fact that I’m growing scared, and start to leave. He stops me.

“Wait, wait. Where ya going? I thought you were taking the bus?” Another half-moon filled smile.

“Oh, you know, I really don’t actually need the bus after all.”

“Nonsense, you’ll freeze if you walk home. Let me drive you.”

“I’m really good. I don’t need that.” I don’t care about subtlety anymore, I’m moving away as fast as I can without all out running. A large hand grabs my shoulder and pulls me back. The man leans his face in right next to my ear and whispers “That was not an offer.”

“Let me go!”

“Aw, don’t be like that.”


“All right enough. Shut up.” Suddenly I feel something else pressing at me. Right on the small of my back. For a moment I think it’s his other hand, and then it dawns on me that it’s a knife. I feel my whole body go limp. People tell you you have two responses to danger: Fight and flight. I had tried flight, and now I was discovering that there are in fact, three responses to danger: Fight, flight, and surrender.

“That’s my girl,” he says.

“Please…” I can no longer manage anything but a whisper. “What do you want?”


My eyes catch something like a shadow moving on the road ahead, back the way I’d came. I think about crying out for help, but hold back. I think if I call out, I die. Besides, my eyes might only have been picking up on the rain moving.

The man turns me around and forces me to start walking up the road, away from Dodger’s house. I obey. I move as slowly as possible, scanning for anything that can save me;a passerby I could call to, a place to run. I see a few possibilities, but then I feel the knife at my back and decide it’s just too risky.

I sense something moving again. This time with my ears. Something’s moving behind us. A chill runs deep into my bones and I feel something there with us- not in the physical or mental sense of the word, but instead a pervasive, all-encompassing cloak. The air suddenly feels thick with it. It’s a feeling I had never felt before, yet somehow knew intimately.

I feel Death coming.

If you like what you read, or love vampires, or just want something to read this Christmas, check out my YA novella, REVENANT, available on amazon and kindle!

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