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Joining in with the “Best of 2015” posts, here’s my list of my favorite comics from this past year. This list is admittedly very DC-heavy, because I am an incredibly-biased fanboy and those are most of the comics I read. There are also a few things I haven’t gotten around to reading yet, like Spider-Gwen, which might very well make the list. Without any further waffling, these are my favorite 2015 comic series:


5. Spider-Verse


Look, token Marvel Comic! I’ll admit up front here that a lot of these comics overlap from 2014 to 2015, but since I didn’t make a “best of 2015” list, I’m counting them towards this year. This comic seemed to me to be a great way to an event, using a central series  for most of the plot and then other, unessential comics to tie-in and provide more details. The interactions of the different Spider-Men were interesting and the Inheritors were fantastic villains. I had my doubts about a “cosmic” Spider-Man story working, but this story put them all to rest. Plus any series that uses the obscure Japanese Spider-Man’s giant mecha is automatically awesome.


4. Justice League 3001


This is a series that does both hilarious comedy and sudden shocks with great effect. Events can come completely out of nowhere, genuinely surprising me. The setting permits a different kind of storytelling, since the Justice League members don’t need to be treated with the same reverence as the “real” versions. Keith Griffen takes advantage of this to mock and kill them in ways hat he never could with the mainstream versions. Every issue has my full attention as I wait to see what will happen next.


3. Prez


Prez is a very witty, very topical satire, brilliantly reinventing a comic series most people have never heard of. It presents an absurd but disturbing future, alternating brilliantly between humor and dark political realities. Beth Ross, an ordinary young woman, finds herself accidentally elected President of the United States. Surprisingly, she might be just what the world needs. Cat flu, killer robots, and virus worshippers await in this bizarre, offbeat series. The first volume is only six issues, but there’s supposed to be a volume two on the way this spring. Please support it so that DC knows that series like this can succeed.


2. Grayson.


Dick Grayson/Nightwing has long been one of my favorite characters, but I have to admit that his series have never been remarkable, must-read stuff. They varied from good to awful, but never quite achieved greatness.

Until now.

Grayson is clever and fun. It’s a very modern comic, freeing itself from the constraints of the endless inner-monologging of most post-Dark Knight Returns comics in favor of a more action and dialogue-heavy style. The art is equally fantastic. The series also doesn’t suffer from the common problem of “decompression,” where stories that should have lasted an issue are drawn out to six so they can fill a trade paperback. Each issue is like an episode of a series that all link together in a season. Dick Grayson himself has never been portrayed so well. He’s clever, funny, and resourceful: everything Nightwing should be but often isn’t. I’d recommend this series to anyone, but definitely to fans of the character.


1. Multiversity.


It’s very rare that a comic from Grant Morrison disappoints me and this one was exceptional. The format– two “bookends” with six linked one-shots and a guidebook– was genius, allowing Morrison to really dive into all these different worlds. My personal favorite of the issues was Pax Americana: In Which We Burn, which honestly might be the best comic of the decade. However, since that issue was published in 2014, I’m giving the focus here to the very bizarre Ultra Comics, which Morrison described as  “haunted comic book.” It breaches the fourth wall with a fury, disturbing the reader with concepts that only the mind of Morrison could conceive. Filled with metafiction and fascinating ideas, Multiversity is a must-read for any comic book fan.

Honorary mentions: Omega Men, Batman and Robin Eternal, Batgirl, James Bond, Annihilator, and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.


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