Reader’s Choice Story Part 2

Hello everyone, sorry for the long wait!

It’s time for Part Two of the Reader’s Choice Story!

Last time I only managed to get one suggestion for Part One of the Reader’s Choice Story so, obviously, that suggestion won! Big thanks to werrf for suggesting that something that Kayla bought was what protected her from the monster.

So, here we go again! Like last time, if you have any suggestions or ideas on what you think will happen or what you want to happen next, comment on the post. If you like a suggestion, like it! I’ll use the highest voted comment on the next segment of the story.(If you don’t know what happened last time, the previous segment is here.)

People in the city were screaming now too. Sirens blared out from various locations and plumes of smoke furled into the sky from where cars had crashed or, more often than not, where the monster had shot fire out at Kayla. Kayla didn’t pay much attention to that though. She had more pressing troubles.

The monster was still right behind her and she was beginning to tire. Her sides felt like they were splitting and her legs weren’t moving the way she wanted them to anymore. Even her desperation and fear, so intense that she could barely think before, were beginning to disappear in her exhaustion. However, as she turned another corner she saw hope sitting in the middle of the road. A blockade of black and white police cars, with a line of policemen, SWAT, and special forces was set up, prepared for the white monstrosity. She doubled her speed.

“Stop! This is a restricted area! Civilians should proceed home and stay inside.” One of the policemen shouted at her through a megaphone.

“But its after me!” Kayla tried to respond, but only managed a series of dull wheezes and continued on regardless.

“I said stop! Continue any further and we’ll be forced to-“

A roar interrupted him and the monster barreled around the corner, instantly turning towards Kayla as if it knew which way she had gone.

“What in the hell is that?!” One of the cops yelled.

“Get over here, quick!” The cop with the megaphone yelled, wildly gesturing at Kayla.

Kayla didn’t need to be told and dove past the line of police in an instant.

“Open fire!” The cop with the megaphone ordered, and a cacophony of gunfire answered his call.

The monster faltered and roared in anger as bullets pelted it, injuring it but not badly. It flung a car in the direction of the cops and fire began spilling from its mouth as it prepared for another blast. The car stopped short of the line but the police had all stopped firing to duck. Kayla had watched this from behind the police line, leaning on one of the cars for support and knew that the fire spilling from its mouth meant another explosion.

“It’s going to shoot!” She yelled at the cops.

One of the cops, the one that had yelled at her through the megaphone, glanced at her, eying her singed clothes and hair and then shouted, “Take cover!”

They dove behind the cars and their barricades just as a fireball flew into a squad car. Several bodies flew into the air as it exploded, dropping back down seconds later with sickening thuds.

A few muted seconds later, the police began firing at the beast again, causing angrier roaring and, next to Kayla, the cop with the megaphone was hurriedly talking into his radio.

“Buzzard One, we will be needing air support in Sector C.  I repeat, Buzzard One, we will be needing air support in Sector C.”

He set the mouthpiece back in its hook in his car and turned to Kayla with the explosions of gunfire and the angry roars of the monster resounding in the background.

“You seem to know about this thing. What the hell is it? Can you tell us anything about it?”

“I don’t know anything about it. It just started chasing me!”

The cop raised an eyebrow, and leaned in close to her.

“Look kid, I don’t need to know the details about why it’s chasing you. I just need to know how to hurt it. A lot of people have died so far and a lot more will die unless we can stop that thing so it’d really be nice if you could tell us how to beat it.”

“I told you, I don’t know!” Kayla said again, tears pooling in her eyes.

The officer stared at her for a moment and turned back towards the beast, barking orders at his fellows.

Kayla thought on it. Why did the thing come after her? She hadn’t done anything special. She had just gone shopping as usual, stopping by a couple of stores to try some clothes on in between gift shopping. The only thing she actually bought for herself was the ring she was wearing on her left ring finger.

She looked down at it, fingering the intricate design.

Was it because of this?

The beast let out another roar and came dashing forward, ignoring the bullets now. As it did so, the ring flashed, and tugged at Kayla’s finger, pulling her to the right. She was so shocked she didn’t resist. A second later a car sent flying by the monster went crashing to where she was just standing a moment ago, crushing the police cruiser and killing one of the cops taking cover behind it.

This thing saved me! Come to think of it, maybe I was able to avoid the monster for so long because of this too…

 She glanced at the large pool of blood, spilling from the unmoving corpse of one of the policemen and focused on the monster again.

If it did help me then maybe it knows how to beat it?

Kayla fingered the ring again, and it responded by humming gently and glowing slightly at her touch. Kayla stood up straighter as a crazy idea entered her mind.

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  1. Oo, the plot thickens! The ring seems to have some sort of intelligence (whether living or programmed). So if she closes her eyes and lets the ring “choose” where to go next, maybe it will point her to safety, or some way of fighting back? The question is, what? If bullets aren’t doing much, and it’s spurting fire… water? Or more exotic, acid? Could a lemonade stand be the answer?


      1. Well, I was trying to think of what the monster’s weakness might be, since it doesn’t seem to be bullets. If the monster happened to be susceptible to acid (e.g., citric acid) the lemonade stand wouldn’t have to be magic — just the right stuff in the right place. 😉


  2. I think the ring should help her and give her someway of fighting back. But the ring has consequences. It uses dark magic and one can only use the ring for so long and so many times before the darkness starts taking over you and making you as evil as the magic thT is helping you. The ring was made only for times of dire need and shouldn’t be used for just showing off or other things where ones life isn’t in danger.

    Liked by 1 person

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