FFfAW– The Odd Thing About the Bench


Alice found it odd that nobody noticed the bench.

It was in a strange place, far from any of the paths and the crimson paint was out of place amidst the earthy colors of the trees.

It just stood there, like a lonely girl that nobody played with. The paint was chipped and old.

That’s the odd thing, she thought, because the bench wasn’t there yesterday.

The other children and the parents weren’t interested in hearing about the bench. They were never interested in hearing what Alice had to say.

So alone she went, approaching the red seat. With a deep breath, she sat down on it and closed her eyes.

That was when it began to move. Where it was going she couldn’t tell but she was sure it would be better than where she’d left.

Like a girl in a story book, Alice vanished.

Word Count: 146

This is my entry for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, run by Priceless Joy. Thanks to Ady, who provided the photo prompt.


18 thoughts on “FFfAW– The Odd Thing About the Bench

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  1. Love the subtle foreshadowing you use making me think of Alice in Wonderlamd. I love that book. Seems like Alice maybe going back. Great write.

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