SPF – Simple


Roaring engines drowned out all else. The cars tore down the dirt track and it was as if a great storm had come, full of barking thunder and great clouds.

And the lightning…

She could feel the lightning in her: coursing through her mind, through her blood, through her heart, through her soul. It was all-consuming, blazing through her. Her heart thudded so violently against her rib cage that she thought it would burst free.

With a twist of the steering wheel, she spun around a corner, her wheels conjuring a wake of dust. The car strained against her like a wild beast. With muscles burning and her forehead wet with sweat, she fought back, bending the car to her will.

Her foot sank to the floor and the car raced out of the corner, shrieking like a demon loosed from hell. She smiled, lost in the rush of adrenaline.

All her problems were left behind in the dust. When she moved this fast, they couldn’t keep up. It was just her and the machine. Her and the lightning.


Word Count: 180

This is my entry for this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction.

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