FFfAW– What We’ve Lost


Standing tall over the waves, the colossus gazed out into the west. Once it had looked out over a port, but now that port was rubble. All the ancient buildings had crumbled away, leaving only a few walls and columns to remember them by.

A woman stood in the shadow of the colossus and imagined how it had looked in its prime.

We were a great people once, she thought. We built statues and cities. We were masters of the oceans. 

Now all that’s crumbled away. We huddle in our little towns and small castles, subjugated by invaders, divided by our petty wars. 

Seeing the colossus might have made her weep for what was and lament the passage of time. It might have made her give in and accept that destruction was inevitable.

Instead, what she thought was this: We were a great people once. 

And we can be again. 

Word Count: 150

This is my entry for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to pricelessly for running the challenge and momtheobscure for providing the photo prompt!

30 thoughts on “FFfAW– What We’ve Lost

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  1. Very cool story. I love its placement of time in history. I’m thinking in the Middle Ages, after the Roman Empire had been destroyed. Years pass and you see pieces of the Roman’s left. The reality of the MA might cause a woman to think “we were great people once.” And I think as a civilization they were, but also think we look back on the past sometimes without considering the bad parts such as all the soldiers who died on war fighting to expand the empire or their events held in the colesuem. But I suppose the MA wasn’t much better, especially if you were a surf.

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  2. I love the way you ended the story. It’s true, we were great people once, and in a few ways we still are, but we’ve been overtaken with greed and hubris and ignorance and I’m afraid, we’re paying the price.

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    1. Thank you! I would just like to point out I didn’t really intend this story to be allegorical for our present day (although I wouldn’t necessarily dissgree with what you’re saying), but if people want to read it that way, that’s cool. After all, what the reader gets out of the story can often be more important than what the writer puts in it. 😉

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      1. I agree with you there, alot of times I see readers finding different interpretations of my writing, but I think that’s the beauty of it. Everyone takes something different away from the art 🙂

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