On Adulting. + A New Sister Blog!

What’s this? A post that’s actually bloggy? Never!

Well, sorta.

Hey guys, so I was lucky enough to land a job- Barista at a Barnes and Noble in the same complex as my local theatre. A long overdue level in adulting for me, this will be my first real job and I’m excited/terrified. Regimentation is something pretty foreign to me. I much prefer to take life as it comes than adhere to a schedule. Schedules are the devil. BUT with regimentation (and, more importantly, money) comes some cool possibilities.

I’ve decided to try something new, and that is going to my theatre once a week, instead of whenever-I-feel-like-it, watching a new release, and doing a review. I already have done a few movie reviews on this blog (most recently 10 Cloverfield Lane) but if this idea takes off and I start seeing new releases weekly, I don’t want to overload LAS with movie write-ups. This is primarily a writing and novel blog, after all.

So, movie reviews will be moving to a new sister blog: cookiesandopinions.

Why cookies and opinions? Because I’m using a cookie-based rating scale, of course! For more information on the pastry scale of awesome and a placeholder post, click here!

The first real review will probably be Marvel’s Civil War, coming Saturday. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy our mix of media, entertainment, pop culture, and of course writing advice here at Living Authors Society.

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