In Memoriam: The TV Shows we Lost in 2016

The fate of dozens of bubble shows was revealed yesterday as the major networks announced their renewals and cancellations. Here’s a list of them all and my reactions.


It was an absolute slaughter at ABC headquarters with its new president assuming control and clearing house.

510tylzqlbl-_sx500___111209022226Castle is the biggest name on the entire list and the one that saddens me the most personally. It was a rather undignified exit for the venerable procedural, as its current and final season feels like an unnecessary dark sequel (the main story arc of the show was wrapped last year). And I’m glad that we won’t have to suffer through the horror that would’ve been a season of Castle without Stana Katic, as was rumored for a season 9. You can’t do that. So RIP Castle, the last good procedural.


The Muppets revival is no more. Fans of the Jim Henson creation will have to settle for the next cameo-laden movie.

Nashville ends a respectable four season run, going down in what was not a good season for fans of musical television shows. (All hail Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, you’re our only hope.)

The Marvel universe (finally) shrinks a little, as Agent Carter gets the boot. I haven’t seen Agent Carter and it seemed to be well liked but I have to say I have a massive case of Marvel overload and it’s nice to know they will be ever so slightly less omnipresent next year.

galavant-2Galavant, the hilarious, strange, wonderful, heartfelt, and gloriously anti-fourth wall musical-fairy tale-comedy was, alas, too strange to survive on network TV. But fear not, its season 2 finale wrapped everything up, its soundtrack is on Spotify, and I wouldn’t doubt a Broadway revival in the future. If you missed out on this one, please do everything you can to watch it. I promise you, it’s awesome.

The Family  was also cancelled. Though I’ve never heard of it so I guess it’s no surprise. If you are the show’s fan, my condolences.


CSI: Cyber has been cancelled, thus ending the legendary CSI franchise. However, it’s s 2016 and it hasn’t really been anything other than a punchline for at least a decade now. If your grandma asks you when that show with that woman from Boyhood is coming on, just tell her it got its name changed to NCIS. Same difference.


The Grinder and Grandfathered, two critical hits, meet the Firefly fate and wrap after one season. I would not be surprised, however, if The Grinder finds second life on Hulu or Netflix. The Rob Lowe comedy was already a level above most other network comedies in its freshman season and seems something right up the alley of streaming sites. I have less hope for Grandfathered but at least we will always have the Drake and Josh reunion.I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry…

Bordertown and Cooper Barrett  were also cancelled. If anyone cares. No? Didn’t think so.

And that does it. Any other shows that are ending were either planned to end this year or cancelled early. Which cancellations hurt you the most? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “In Memoriam: The TV Shows we Lost in 2016

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  1. The only two shows on this list I actively watched are/were Castle and Agent Carter. Agent Carter was a good show, but nothing I really loved. Castle on the other hand was fantastic, especially the earlier seasons but also the newer ones. Damn, those 3XK episodes 😱
    RIP 😢

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh man, those Sci-fi ones were awesome! Can’t talk about Firefly reference as I haven’t watched the show :/
        One of my favorite episodes – apart from all the 3XK ones – was the time traveler one 😮


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