Captain America: Civil War (2016) Review!

Jaden’s Civil War review at his new movie-only blog, cookiesandopinions!


captain-america-civil-war-key-artHelloooooo and welcome to cookiesandopinions! It’s time to kick off the reviews proper. And we start with a doozy. It’s Disney’s Marvel’s Avengers Captain America: Civil War.

Before I dive in to the mixed bag that was Civil War (and yes, I’m not going to simply praise it- it’s a flawed movie) let’s get some housekeeping done.

I am not a fan of Marvel or its Cinematic Universe. Neither am I a DC fan. I liked the first Avengers movie, I liked the first Iron Man, and I love Jessica Jones on Netflix, but I am in no way invested in the fandom. I’m kind of superhereoed out, to be totally honest. But, I love Spiderman and Tom Holland, I love Paul Rudd, but I’m just so tired of superheros. And halfway through this movie, I realised something that was key to me being able to enjoy it…

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