SPF – Blue. Yellow. Red.


Blue. Yellow. Red.

They sat on the table before him in large wine glasses. The surfaces of the drinks formed a strangely diagonal line, defying gravity. It was like staring at an optical illusion.

But she knew that this was no illusion. It was real, incredibly real.

“Choose,” the veiled man said.

She couldn’t see anything of the veiled man’s face. The thin, green cloth hung over it like a shroud, hiding all his features from view. Somehow, she could still tell he was staring at her, staring with unseen eyes right into her soul.


She looked at the drinks. Blue. Yellow. Red. There were no other clues.

This was what she’d come here for. One of the glasses would cure her of her illness – the blackness festering inside. The others would kill her the minute they touched her tongue. There was no chance for second-guessing. She’d have to choose: life or death.


The veiled man never raised his voice. It was like the steady ticking of a clock, marking off time, counting down to the end.

Blue. Yellow. Red.

She could only delay so long.

She took a deep breath, reached out her hand, and chose.

Word Count: 199

This is my entry for this today’s Sunday Photo Fiction.

18 thoughts on “SPF – Blue. Yellow. Red.

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  1. Very interesting. I wonder why she felt she had to choose. I know she was ill, but didn’t she have the choice to get up and leave? Fascinating write.

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  2. So glad you left it there to keep the reader guessing on the outcome.

    Reminds me of my dad many years ago. He was dying and was offered a chance of life with a test drug. There was him and five others. The choice was to definitely die, or have a chance of life.

    He is 77 in November, and we are so grateful that he chose. Unfortunately the drug was not put forward as there was only a 1 in 6 success rate.

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