The Witch (2016) Review!

Posted: May 22, 2016 by Jaden C. Kilmer in Uncategorized

Tired of the same old boring horror movies? Here’s a fascinating one.


witchLiiiiiiiiiittle bit late to the party on this one. Did not go to the theatre, but I did see this one (finally) On Demand.

So The Witch polarized audiences back in February, it’s the writing-directing debut of Robert Eggers and stars Anya Taylor-Joy. Set in the 1600’s, it follows a New England family who, after being banished from a plantation, decide to go roughin’ it out in the woods on their own. But it’s not long before a sinister presence attacks them from within.

This is a movie I went in with high expectations for. Even when reading the negative reviews, I felt like I would enjoy it. I do love a good horror movie, but it’s just so rare to find something that feels fresh. Much less scary. And I have to say The Witch IS fresh and it really IS scary.

It’s the most immersive dark movie since

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