FFfAW – No Escape


Rain patters against the glass, running down. Drip. Drip. Drip.

I look up at the twirling walls of my prison. Change is the only constant here. Today it’s semi-translucent walls with little red marks on the far side. Yesterday it was silver, endlessly twisting down into an abyss.

This is the greatest prison ever devised, the prison that can never be escaped. There are no guards, no bars. Just the walls that will not break, because if I break them, it will all be over.

The prison, you see, is my mind. Endlessly inventive, working against me, taking little thing I’ve seen – the inside of a telescope, the coin slot at the casino, the drain on my sink – and making them into jails of the abstract.

They’ve locked me in here and I can’t break out.

Because if I break out, I’ll go mad, won’t I?

Word Count: 146

This is for this week’s Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and to Nonnaci for proving the prompt photo!

31 thoughts on “FFfAW – No Escape

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  1. Terrifying piece. The mind can truly be the most frightening place. It’s the reason you never tell children an exact punishment, you let them think about it, because what they think is always worse. I got a distinct Edgar Allan Poe feel from this piece. ‘The Pit and the Pendelum,’ when reading it, I always have nightmares. It’s not in the guy’s head in the story, but if it was, it would be even worse. Very unique and interesting view point.

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  2. A beautifully told story, JA. 🙂 I have to wonder, though, whether madness really lies in breaking free or if maybe the madness is what he’s already trapped within. Maybe sanity lies outside.

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  3. Love your story. So well written with the prison evolving from the (assumed) real prison to the prison of the mind. The last line is a real shocker. It bring home the human face of madness.

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