FFftPP– Looking in All the Wrong Places


It was really dark last night, but I’m pretty sure this is the place.” He peered around like it would be behind a rock. Everything was perfectly calm. The bright grass, little road, and wooden bridge were like something from a postcard.

“Stan,” I said, “if this was the place, we’d see it.”

“Not necessarily. The water’s pretty deep.”

I rolled my eyes. “How did it get in the water again?”

Stan shrugged. “Things happen.”

“Yeah. Generally for a reason.”

He shifted. “I was a little… inebriated. I thought I could make it if I got a running start and floored the acceleration. Take a short-cut past the bridge.”

I gave him my most you’ve-got-to-be-kidding stare.

“What?” he replied. “I almost made it.”

“And you’re sure it was here,” I said.


“Where there are no tracks in the grass. And no sign at all of a car in water that is, honestly, not that deep.”

After a few minutes silence, Stan looked at me.

“I think… this might not have been the bridge.”

“Yeah.” I sighed. “I think that too.”

We got back into my car and drove off to check the next bridge. I hoped this would be the right one. After six attempts, I was getting a bit annoyed.

Word Count: 198

This is for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner Week #26. Thanks to rogershipp for running the challenge!

15 thoughts on “FFftPP– Looking in All the Wrong Places

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  1. Lol. This made me laugh. Stan must have been pretty plastered. He can’t even remember the bridge by the lake, he drove his car into. Could have been worse, all in all, this isn’t the worst” I was so drunk,” situation. Well written JA.

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