Quest for Atlantis: The Fragments Fit Together (Epilogue)

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The Fragments Fit Together

As I write this now, I am sitting in a hospital bed, alone with my old notebook. There are people constantly pestering me – and I suppose Demetrios as well. They want to know our story: how we came to be there in the heart of the sea, what we saw in the storm, what became of Megalos and Stamatios. There are no easy lies to give them, so it will have to be the truth.

I am writing this because part of me still can’t accept that truth. Atlantis seems almost like a dream now, a strange nightmare of clockwork and lightning and time’s ever-burning flame. By putting pen to paper, I hope that I can make some sense of it all. It’s almost working.

I’ve found myself in a whole new world now, a new time. My era is gone, as much dust as Atlantis is. Time passed us by, decades gone in the blink of an eye. Although I still can’t believe it, I am writing these words in the twenty-first century. History has swept past, full of events I can’t even begin to conceive. A screen is hanging in the corner of my room, a television thinner than some magazines I’ve bought. I’ve seen people checking little boxes that fit in the palms of their hands and calling them phones. How can something that small be a phone? And how can it work without a line?

Everything I’ve seen is as incredible as what I saw in Atlantis. It’s just as alien, if not more.

I saw Demetrios once. He came by to visit me and smiled. I held his hand.

They say the past is another country. The same is true of the future. We are foreigners here, two mariners shipwrecked in time’s storm.

But I think if I had to stranded with someone, Demetrios isn’t so bad.

Together, we can face this new world.

We’re explorers. Facing new worlds is what we do.

I’m ready to talk to the men in dark suits now. I’m ready to tell them what I know.

And then?

“Prometheus” is still out there. Things like Atlantis and that sphere exist. The “gods,” whatever they were, are out there as well.

Someone will need to deal with them, to make sure nobody like the Queen ever gains that sort of power again and to ensure that there are no more hidden surprises lurking in our history.

And I’ll need something to do in this new world.

Perhaps I can save it one more time.



4 thoughts on “Quest for Atlantis: The Fragments Fit Together (Epilogue)

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  1. Neat ending. Would be weird to come forward to a future with such technological advances. But at least she has her guy. When you talked about her telling her story, having had to tell the truth, it made me think of the story ‘Life of Pi.’ If you haven’t read it, it’s an excellent movie too. But at the end, we are unsure which story is true. Whether he story with the tiger we see him experiencing is true, or the symbolic story he tells the officials. An ending like that might be neat for figuring out what to tell everyone. Just a thought. Great job on the whole series.

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