Poem – Fate’s Quill

Posted: July 27, 2016 by J.A. Prentice in Poem, Uncategorized
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In tower cloud-tall

In star-bright sky

Where Dream and Destiny meet

Mingling in lover’s kiss

She sits at her desk

Ink-black quill in hand

Steeped in blood and gold

With one stroke, fortune rises

With another, doom falls

Each letter shaping future

In scrawling dark calligraphy

Shaped by her pale hand

Death she writes

Doom she writes

Love she writes

Hope she writes

A thousand things and a thousand more

And ten thousand more thousand thousands beyond

Within a single heartbeat

She writes on and on

Never stopping

Hand gliding over time’s parchment

History writ in letters both grim and bold

What words she writes

What stories she tells

What destinies shaped

With Fate’s feather quill


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