TLT – Deadly Temptation


Red as blood, they wait, hanging amidst the emerald leaves. They shine like stars, like the twinkling in a lover’s eye. Eagerly they dream of the moment that teeth pierce their soft skin and plunge into the sweet poison beneath, never to taste anything else again.

This is for Three Line Tales, Week Twenty-Seven. A huge thank you to Sonya from Only 100 Words for running the challenge and Inma Ibáñez for providing the prompt photo.

11 thoughts on “TLT – Deadly Temptation

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  1. Lovely image in three sentences. Your story reminds me of the first Hunger Games book, where Katniss and Peta are going to eat the poisonous berries if the game maker doesn’t let them live. In the end, Presidant Snow makes the game maker eat the poisonous berries. It’s in the movie as well.

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      1. No. It just came too me. For some reason the scene where the game maker has to eat the berries, is locked in the room with the berries which he should probably eat or die a worse death, sticks out for me. Very cruel of President Snow I think.

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