via Daily Prompt: Stubborn

As she labored in the desert, surrounded by piles of junk she’d gathered (most of it useless), Lin thought of Noah building the Ark. She thought of how he’d been mocked, how his efforts must have seemed so pointless, how at nights he must have collapsed under the enormity of what he was trying to do, how the sun had beat down upon him even as the promise of deadly rain whispered in his brain.

Her welding torch hissed over metal panels, joining one to another. The hull was slowly beginning to take shape, like putting skin onto a skeleton. It was rough and patched-together, like an old hot-air balloon, but it would hold. She was sure of that.

The drive waited inside like a sleeping dragon. She longed to wake it, to feel the fury of fire and flight. This time she knew she had it right.

That night she lay back as she had every night for the past twenty-six years, looking up at the stars overhead, dreaming of when her ship would be finished and she could sail amongst them. She thought of Noah as the waters rose and his Ark gave him what he had needed: escape.

She knew that what she was trying to do was impossible. But the impossible had been done before and she wouldn’t give up until she’d achieved it.


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