SPF – Boarded


The grappling hook tore across the empty void between the ships, dull metallic surface gleaming with starlight. To the human eye, it moved too fast to be fully visible. It was a flash of silver, then a roar of escaping oxygen as it punctured the starship’s blue hull. Crewmen raced for the airlocks, but it was too late for most of them. The black void took them.

Linked like mother and newborn child by a cruel umbilical chord, the two ships – one rebel blue, the other Imperial crimson-and-gold – circled one another. The rebel ship tried to tear away, but the grappling hook held fast. They were trapped.

The rebel captain looked at his ragtag crew with their irregular uniforms and their hand-me-down weapons. He knew that they stood little chance.

“Brace yourselves,” he warned. “They’ll try to take us alive. Don’t let them. Fight on until the last blood is spilt. Make them pay for each inch of this ship they tried to take.”

He gazed out across the void as the Imperial ship launched its first wave of fighters, small red streaks against the black.

“Let them know we will never give in,” he ordered.

Word Count: 196

This is for Sunday Photo Fiction.

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  1. I was trying to think of other movies. But I kept coming back to Pirates of the Carribean, with less humour. Like Elizabeth Swann as the pirate King and her last battle (but maybe not) or Captain Barbosa. Unafraid to take everyone down with them. Nicely done!

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