TLT –A World of Rectangles

A photo by Steven Wei.

They were rectangular buildings around a rectangular stretch of flat, featureless artificial grass, a world of straight lines and right angles.Under the light of the city’s false sun, they’d built it, carefully planned and structured down to the last detail, but soon found that the people were driven insane by its orderly construction and perfection.

Humans need a little madness to stay sane.

This is for Three Line Tales Week Thirty-Two. Thanks to Sonya for running the challenge and Steven Wei for providing the prompt photo!

10 thoughts on “TLT –A World of Rectangles

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  1. Oh, how wonderfully true this it! In light of the fact we’re having a lot of new tower blocks built near where I live, I couldn’y agree with this statement more. Give us a little, natural chaos or we’ll all go mad. Great write

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