FFfAW– Beneath the Earth


The jewel gave off a deep purple glow that seemed to consume the entire cavern. It played across the curving rock walls, the twisting tunnels, and the large, almost ape-like statue, carved into the stone. Celeste’s heart beat in her chest like it was a drum in the hands of a hyperactive four-year-old.

This was far from the most dangerous task she’d ever undertaken.It was certainly nothing compared to Atlantis. But there was something in the cold air, in the strange glow, in the eerie and nameless statue, buried deep in the earth, that made her blood run cold as ice.

Focus on the mission, she told herself. Just get the jewel and leave.

She reached out a hand for it, her fingers sliding over the luminescent surface. Carefully, she began to lift it from its resting place.

The statue turned its head to fix her with two stone eyes.

Word Count: 150

This is for Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and Jade M. Wong for providing the prompt photo!

It’s also a sequel of sorts to my Quest for Atlantis serial. Check that out if you want more Celeste!

29 thoughts on “FFfAW– Beneath the Earth

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  1. Great build up to a very chilling ending. I’d say Celeste needs to get out of there fast! The ‘Guardian of the Jewel’ will probably be pulling away from the stone wall very soon and I’ll bet he packs quite a punch.

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