Adventures of a Part-Time Barista

Episode 2: Fancy Cheese

There’s an assortment of snacks available in the cafe. Nothing too fancy or intensive to make. There’s sweets like cookies and brownies, snacks like mixed nuts and bananas, and if you’re up for a meal there’s stuffed pretzels, personal pizzas, and sandwiches. The pretzels are pretty popular- they’re all stuffed. One has spinach and feta, one mozzarella, and one asiago.

A woman and her young (four or five year old) son comes up to the snack bar the other day, the son whiny and wanting something “cheesy” to eat. She asks me if I prefer the asiago or the pizza pretzel.

“Asiago,” I say. “Though the spinach and feta is the best of the three.”

“I don’t trust fancy cheeses,” she says.


There’s too much wrong with that sentence for my mortal brain to comprehend.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go eat a block of roquefort.

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