Spirit of the Forest


Robin moved swiftly and silently through the ancient forest, his leaf-green hood blending with the trees, his mighty bow of yew in his hand. He stopped before the clearing, watching the creature from the shadows, sunlight dancing along its white coat as he stretched back the bowstring.

It turned to look at him with a monarch’s gaze, soul-deep, and he laid his bow aside.

This is for Three Line Tales. Thanks to Sonya for running the challenge and Rebecca Johnston for the prompt photo!

13 thoughts on “Spirit of the Forest

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      1. Hmmm….coming from a hunting family, I have some insight: If the hunter hadn’t reached the quota, the hunter would likely shoot. It may be a still frame in the mind that lasts forever as this stunning image, but make no mistake: A hunter would shoot the deer, take it home, and feed his family. Venison is lean protein and preserves well. I’d like to think the hunter would walk away, but my guess is they’d take the shot — that’s why I liked your take so well 🙂

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