Ravens Three


James sat by the bird feeder, his eyes closed, breathing in and out. The cylinder swung back and forth in the breeze, rocking on the black hook. A blackbird landed nearby, regarding it with a quizzical eye.

“Go away,” James said, not opening his eyes. “This isn’t for you.”

The blackbird took off. Perhaps, James thought, it could sense what was coming.

There was a sound of dark wings and scratching claws, a flurry of wind and cawing. The air grew cold, as if it had turned to ice.

James smiled. They had come.

He opened his eyes to see three beaked faces staring up at him, black feathers glistening in the sunlight.

“Ravens three,” he said, “Tell me the future. Tell me what I must do to rule the earth.”

“Of course,” said the first.

“But live up to your side of the bargain first,” said the second.

“Or you’ll find out how sharp our claws can be,” hissed the third.

James nodded and gesture to the birdseed.

The ravens traded the future of the world for seed. It was, they felt, a good bargain.

After all, you couldn’t eat the future.

Word Count: 193

This is for Sunday Photo Fiction!

16 thoughts on “Ravens Three

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  1. Interesting mystical quality to this. And I can’t help think that the Ravens are much smarter than the guy who wants to rule the earth. “Not being able to eat th future” it sounds a ominous.

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