War in the Heavens


Black clouds spread over rippling seas, over rolling hills of lively green, over ice-capped mountains tall and proud, seeking to cover the earth in a choking shroud.

At their heart, the black dragon reeled to full, terrible height. He was a creature of endless midnight, come from the dark places beyond the earth, his eyes fierce, his teeth sword-sharp. His claws dug deep into the earth, carving deep canyons. All the earth shuddered as he let out a thunderous roar.

Then, there came a shaft of light, piercing white. It stabbed through the clouds, becoming a column of swirling white, like a flurry of numberless doves. The dragon roared at it, breathing black night, but the shaft stood firm and unyielding. It would not break before him.

A man strode forth from the white, a dark shape moving in brightness. He held a bright sword in his hand and his broad shoulders were covered by a coat of hardened leather. Holding his shield before him, he charged towards the dragon.

They met in a fury of blows, the earth quaking beneath each stroke. In the heavens above, the dark clouds tore at the light, but they could not break it.

Word Count: 200

This is for Sunday Photo Fiction!

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