5 Star Wars Stories I Want to Read (Or Write)

Posted: December 18, 2016 by J.A. Prentice in Article
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Star Wars Week isn’t over yet. Also, Lucasfilm can consider this a pitch if they’d like to pay me to write these for them. Or I guess they can just steal them and not pay me, but I like the first way a lot better.

Also, yes, most of these are in old Expanded Universe or “Legends.” This is because the old EU was great and I will fight anybody who says otherwise.

There are a few scattered mild spoilers for books and films under this Read More tag, so read at your peril.

5. Post-New Jedi Order stuff in general. This period was irritating glossed over in a way that felt very disrespectful to a fantastic book series. There are a lot of things to explore here: Tahiri Veila and Danni Quee on Zonoma Sekot, the Yuuzhan Vong interacting with the galaxy they tried to destroy, the rebuilding of Vongformed worlds (including Coruscant), Jacen Solo’s journey, and just the whole state of a galaxy that had undergone a war with 365 trillion casualties.


4. The time the Sith ruled the entire galaxy. This could be either Legends or new material. Actually, it probably fits better with the new stuff. In Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine says the Sith will rule the galaxy “once more.” No EU Sith Lord ever actually controlled the entire galaxy, so unless Palpatine’s being hyperbolic, there could be an interesting story there.

3. The bridge between Fate of the Jedi and Legacy. I’m not a big fan of Fate of the Jedi or Legacy of the Force, but I think that it would be great to get something here on this big empty span of the timeline. I’m not suggesting a full Legacy prequel, but rather a story that shows an adult Ben Skywalker, the next generation of Jedi Masters (including Jaina), and possibly the early days of the Imperial Knights. It would be great to see Luke’s order at its peak, his legacy completed and the torch ready to be passed on to subsequent generations. This could be a great “farewell” to the Legends universe if Disney/Lucasfilm wanted it to be.


2. Sannah. She’s a member of Luke’s Jedi order, but she’s also a mermaid and one of the only not-white characters (assuming the only picture of her – See Below – is accurate). How was she not used more often? I’d love to see her as a character in a story or as a protagonist in her own right, possibly dealing with the possible extinction of her species in the Yuuzhan Vong war.


1. The Pius Dea. They’ve only been explored in a few guidebooks (including the exceptional Essential Guide to Warfare), but I think there’s one heck of a story here, much more interesting than rehashing Jedi versus Sith again and again. The gist of the situation is this: thousands of years before the films, the Republic has become a theocracy, run by a genocidal, human-supremicist cult with Cathedral ships. They’re opposed by fringe groups, while the Jedi order remains secluded from the galaxy, uncertain if they have the right to overthrow the government they once served.That setting is a gold mine for stories and I’m shocked that nobody ever used it. Plus, since it doesn’t actually contradict the new, post-Legends material, it could easily be brought in as a story that could work in either universe.


Yeah, I’m free to write these anytime, Lucasfilm. Just give me a call.


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