So Close to the Edge


Reddish-brown ledges capped with green growth stretched into the distance. The sky was clear as a painting. He felt the warmth of the sun against his skin. It was like a postcard but could touch and smell it. He’d never felt so alive.

Then the ledge gave way. Gravity latched onto him like a hell-fiend, snaring him in unbreakable bonds. Rock sped past him as the ground far below grew closer and closer. The air hit his face so hard he was surprised he didn’t loose any teeth.

He struck the earth like a watermelon and that was that.

He threw up his arms in frustration as the program faded away.

“I wanted a nice view,” he snapped, “not to smack face-first into a load of rocks. I felt that.”

The program operator shrugged. “It’s a genuine experience. Maybe next time you shouldn’t sit so close to the edge.”

This is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and Grant-Sud for providing the prompt photo!

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