The Brown and Red of Autumn


Red flakes fall like leaves from the body of the truck. Rust creeps relentlessly over the old metal. The flag is still bright: he replaces it with a new one as often as he can, tries to make sure the colours are vibrant, the white pure, the red still like blood and not pink.

He buys flag after flag, but the truck is still falling apart. Putting a new flag on it won’t make it run. He knows this – he has to. But he won’t accept it.

“The truck will run again soon,” he says. “It used to be able to haul a mountain and handle like a cloud.”

This is a lie – perhaps he knows this. Perhaps it’s a lie he’s told so many times it has become a memory.

The truck is stuck, engine dead, wheels unable to turn.

Deep down, he knows it will never run again.

Word Count: 150

This is for Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and Mike Vore for providing the prompt photo!

30 thoughts on “The Brown and Red of Autumn

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  1. “Perhaps it’s a lie he’s told so many times it has become a memory” is my favorite line, too! Along with that, this whole piece is as thought-provoking and sentimental as it is heartbreaking. Ooh, the lies we tell ourselves; they can stop us from moving forward. Awesome job with the prompt!

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  2. There’s something about this photo that just screams memories and loss, but juxtaposed with an apparently new American flag, also says hope. My story is pretty similar, also sad, but there there’s a small light at the end.

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  3. Items such as vehicle can like dream catchers or memory catchers, reminding us if good times, so much we don’t want to let them go, they’re like triggers. Wonderful take,

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