A Lightless Realm


Blacker than black. Endless, lightless, infinite. 

A canvas painted only in the deepest, darkest colours stretched as far as the eye could see. This was her world: a lightless, shapeless, timeless void where she tumbled, her breath fogging up the inside of her visor, her motions restricted by the white suit that bound her like a straightjacket.

Breathe, she reminded herself. Breathe while you still can.

The oxygen was running out. There was barely any left, the needle floating just on the edge of the red. She could already feel her lungs working harder, the air growing thinner, staler.

She remember the shape of the thing that had taken her: great teeth like daggers of obsidian, a body made entirely of ripples and shadows, a roar made of static.

Now she tumbled inside it, through what seemed to be a digestive tract large enough to contain universes.

It would be fascinating if she weren’t minutes from death.

A flash. Light spreading out in the darkness. 

She didn’t know what it was.

Minutes from death.

She didn’t have a choice.

Using the last of her fuel, she moved towards it, sailing through the black towards the solitary beacon.

Word Count: 197

This is for Sunday Photo Fiction. Thanks to A Mixed Bag for the prompt photo!

14 thoughts on “A Lightless Realm

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  1. That’s a terrible ending for her, eaten by a space monster. At least passing out and dying from lack of oxygen kills her not giant teeth ripping.

    Liked by 1 person

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