In the Morning

Hello everyone, it’s been a very long time since I’ve last posted but I’m back! I plan on uploading more regularly too, now, so please check out my stuff and, if you like what you see, come on back.

A quick heads up: The next part of my fan voted story will be released soon, so check back on my older posts to find part 1 and 2. The direction of the fan story is decided upon by you, the readers. So if you’ve been disappointed with stories in the past, this is your chance to choose where the story goes. More detailed instructions are on Part 1 and will be on the incoming Part 3.

As for this post, it’s a small experiment in present tense writing style for me as well as a way to get back into writing things on the blog, so it might not be your cup of tea. Regardless, feel free to leave your comments to let me know what you thought of it.

– E

“Come, sit, share my fire. You’ve a long journey ahead of you,” An old man says, seated upon a log lying next to a campfire and nursing a mug of a steaming drink. The flames dance merrily, and the light on his face flickers. His eyes seem to change color every time the shadows flash across his face. He’s sitting alone, the one beacon of light among the rolling hills other than the stars and moon above.

“Who are you?” You say, taking a seat across from the man, noticing that it wasn’t just his eyes that seemed to change with the light.

His entire body seems to flicker in time with the fire. He never looked quite the same. When he first beckoned you to his fire, he was wrinkled and sported a long white beard that fell against a toga of white, now he appears a youthful boy wearing a simple trousers and a leather tunic. The only constant was the quiet smile and his steady gaze. However strange this seemed, you didn’t feel fear. You felt… calm.

“Who am I?” The man laughs a hearty laugh, spilling some of whatever he was drinking on his front. The liquid sizzles as it hits his leg, bubbling and then disappears. “I could ask you the very same thing; who are you?”

“I’m…” You pause, puzzled. Who were you? Try as you might, you can’t recall. In fact, you remember nothing. Why were you here? Where did you come from? Who are you? You shake your head, looking to the man once more.

He now has the appearance of a regal king. He’s wearing a long cloak of red velvet, lined with a fuzzy white fringe as well as blue trousers and a dark purple shirt. To top it off, he’s wearing a crown on his head. A crown lined with rubies that each reflected the yellow orange tongues of flame. While you stare into the jewels, he passes over a silver mug of the liquid he drank. The mug was made from burnished silver and felt hot in your hand. You look around, trying to see where he would have gotten it. The only thing here was the man, his mug, and the fire.

“You see? Before trying to find out who I am, you should first discover yourself. Though you aren’t the only nameless one tonight. My siblings are welcoming the others elsewhere.” He gestures out into the distance, beyond the rolling hills.

“I don’t understand.” You say, looking out into the darkness, seeing only the outlines of the hills against the night sky.

“Drink!” The man chortles, and presses the mug further into your grasp.

You take a drink, and warmth flows through your body. The drink is cloyingly sweet and thick yet, the more you drink, the tarter it becomes. The flavor seems to change just as often as the man in front of you did.

“You don’t know who are because you do not yet have a name. You’re my child, fresh as a foal and ready to take their first stumbling steps.” A breeze flows through the camp, causing the fire to splutter and crack.

“To find your name, I task you with a mission. From first light, search out your fellows. They will be searching for you as well, as instructed by my siblings. From there, do as you see fit. This word is your garden, explore, conquer, cultivate it. You are my child. The child of Tifotias. One of the chosen few. Find your fellows and join with them. From there, you will find your name.”

The barrage of words do little to help your confusion, so you take another sip of the drink, taking comfort in the warmth it provided and you ponder over what he said.

“You’re my father?” You ask, puckering your lips together as the drink becomes extremely sour.

“Of a kind.” He says, his now black eyes twinkling as he looks up at the moon. “It’s getting late. I’ll have to leave soon.”

“Leave? But, you haven’t answered anything yet!” You sit up straighter, accidentally kicking a rock into the dimming campfire. Sparks splutter off of the wood, slowly fluttering down towards the grass outside the fire and disappearing into darkness.

You look back up towards Tifotias, and a shiver runs down your spine. He’s cloaked now, his face mostly hidden in darkness. For once, he isn’t smiling. He seemed less warm and more dangerous now.

“Haven’t I? I’ve told you what you must do, my name, and your relation to me. You’ll learn more when the time comes.”

He reaches down and pokes at the dying fire with his hand, and it flickers a bit brighter. His cloak is seems to be melding into his body now. The brown folds sink into his skin as if sinking into water until all that was left was his well muscled, bear, chest. His face isn’t covered any longer and his countenance is friendly and joyful once more. He was stroking a thick red beard now, but you could see a smile hidden beneath the hair.

You let out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding as the smile returns to his face.

“So, I’m to travel out on the morning then?”

Tifotias nods in agreement.

“Then what shall you do, father? Will you join me?”

He laughs, standing up for the first time. He seemed to tower as high as the trees nearby, almost touching the moon above.

“I? I have my own business to attend to. I’m quite busy. However, if you ever need to speak to me, fill that mug of yours with a drink set it next to a fire and I might come to join you for a drink.”

He crouches low and and looks down upon you, still wondrously large.

“Until we share a fire again, my child.”  He winks, and the fire goes out, plunging the camp into darkness.

It takes several minutes for your eyes to get used to the darkness but once you do, you can see quite clearly under the light of the full moon. Tifotias is gone. You can’t see him anywhere nearby. Nervously, you try to take another sip of the drink, only to find the mug  empty and cold. Confused, and very tired you lay on the ground, mug clutched in your hands. You remember his words.

From first light, search out your fellows. They will be searching for you as well, as instructed by my siblings.

Your fellows, what might they be like? And the siblings of Tifotias, your aunts and uncles? What lies beyond these hills. The world. Your garden, as your father put it. Somewhere in the world, you will find your name. Excitement flows through you as your eyelids droop. In the morning, you’ll set off beyond the hills.

In the morning.

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