A Song of Waves and Steel


Mighty oars and mighty arms

haul the longship across grey waves

Bright prow towers o’er briny water

Golden dragon’s tongue is red like blood

And along the curving hull

round shields like scales lock

They come as day breaks o’er the shore

with splitting axe and slashing sword and cutting knife

Before them sounds the song – the cries of victims slain

Blood and fire are their way

They shall not rest till the end of days.

But then across valley green

Comes a different tune

The horn, the horn

The horn of the avenger

And before that horn their faces paled

Their knees clattered, their tongues wailed

For there upon a hill of green

Was bold Ealdwine

His banner high

His sword in hand

His mail in morning air shimmering

And by side a hundred men

Angles, Saxons, Celts

With slung bows

With sharpened swords

And in their eyes – death, death to the Northmen

Ealdwine cried aloud

And arrows came in rain of steel

The Northmen to their boats ran

Ealdwine upon their tail

His men hewed with sword and spear

And by their hands the enemy fell

Those mighty oars and mighty arms

Would not return to Northland

Word Count: 199

This is for Sunday Photo Fiction. Thanks to A Mixed Bag for providing the great prompt!

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