Leafless branches shivered in the wind, shaking loose the white frost that clung to them. This was a lonely corner of the grounds, overgrown and untended. The owner of the house upon the hill – its stone walls reaching up towards the sky, spreading its wings like a bird in flight – could not bear the sight of the tombstone.

It had been there three hundred long, cold, solitary years, resting atop ancient bones that he was too afraid to have examined.

Written upon the tombstone in bold, capital letters was his own name.

Word Count: 92

This is for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for running the challenge and Liz Young for providing the prompt photo!

  1. jellico84 says:

    Ouuuu, that’s just wicked! Loved it! 🙂

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  2. Sherman Alexie, named after his father, talks about the strange feelings of seeing his own name on his father’s gravestone. He has an interesting view on the subject.

    I liked your details and story. Nice job.

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  3. What a chilling thought of seeing your own name on a gravestone…. but I know people who do it so they just have to add the dates afterwards.

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  4. I love it! It begs for a longer story. :o)

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  5. Interesting! I don’t know whether to say this is spooky or this guy’s abnormally superstitious about what was obviously a forebear’s grave.
    Can you imagine how Henry the Eighth must have felt.😊

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    • Thank you! I actually had a line saying that it wasn’t one of his ancestors, but it was a casualty of the word count.
      Forget King Henry, how must all those French King Louises have felt?

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      • Oh, what casualties that dreadful word limit has caused! I had a few good lines in my story I had to cut out, too.
        Interestingly enough, I just came across a name in our record of forebears, an Agnes Louisa Vance over in Scotland. My mom was Louise Agnes Vance. It does make you look twice. I think if I saw my name on a headstone I’d want to dig up all the facts I could about this person — pardon the pun. 🙂

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  6. yuhublogger says:

    What a lovely take on the prompt. Spooky.

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  7. Lynn Love says:

    Ooh, creepiness abounds this week! Nicely done and suitably skin crawling

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  8. Liz Young says:

    Great take on the prompt – but that gravestone could so easily have been one of his ancestors.

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